as some of you may be aware of by now, i’ve spent these last few weeks clearing out all of the clothing that didn’t fit me properly (aka oversized jawnz). thanks to several of you i’ve cleared out every piece with the exception of one: this silent t-shirt.

because you’ve all helped me out, instead of putting it up for sale/bid i will be letting it go through a giveaway.

silent damir doma thujades tee (retailed @ $235+)

worn twice in the last 8+ months

size medium; approx:

  • 30-31” back length
  • 20” p2p


  • no giveaway blogs
  • don’t have to be following me
  • both likes and reblogs will count
  • winner’s ask box must be enabled
  • winner must respond within 24hrs
  • end date: my birthday! april 5th @ 12AM PDT
  • this will be open to everyone! this means international participants are welcome (^-^*)

best of luck to all!

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Wow! Amazing! (lil b voice) Wow! Amazing! (lil b voice)

Wow! Amazing!

(lil b voice)

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